Meet the cats, the MAD cats!

Each cat has his own style, but one thing is for sure. They are all 1/1 mad!

All hand drawn 1/1

The cats

Mad Cat

Every Mr. Mad Cat has his own unique style. New furs are added each 50th. All cats are hand drawn and have lots of hidden treasures!

Supply: 890
Rarity: normal
List: Ξ 0.05

Rare cat

These cats are a bit more special. Every rare cat has his own background and identity. You might even find a cat inspired by your favorite character!

Supply: 100
Rarity: rare
List: Ξ 0.2

Mad rare cat

These cats are MAD! The most exclusive. Full body, full background and only 10 will be created. EVER! You can even claim your custom Mad Cat sneakers.

Supply: 10
Rarity: rare
List: Ξ 0.5

Mat cat

Mad friend

VIP collection for all holders

Claim your mad friend for free – only gas – When? Announced when 40% = SOLD! More info later.

  • Collected cats: 14% 14%

A closer look at:

The furs

After each 50th mad cat 5 new furs are added. Rainbow, sparkles, gradients and much much more. The diversity is MAD!


Raffle for holders only = wen SOLD OUT

Wen SOLD OUT he last 10 golden Mad Cats will be raffled for FREE. Holders only. So you might want to hold your mad cats for a while!