Progression = 100% DRAWN

Each MAD Monday & Friday a total of 20 cats where drawn 1 by 1.

Roadmap = artist utility

Each milestone unlocks a special event for madcatters. 

10% = Mad Party

  • Airdrop of 5 Mr. Mad Cats to different holders.
  • Giveaway of 1 Mr. Mad Cat on Twitter.
  • Giveaway of unique Mr. Mad Cat AF1 sneakers

20% = Raffle Party

  • Mysterious airdrop raffle of 5 Mr. Mad Cats. 

30% = CUSTOM AF1

  • Raffle of unique Mr. Mad Cat AF1 sneakers (1/1). Owners only!

40% SOLD= Mad Friend

  • Claim your MAD friend for free (gas only – no rush to claim). The release date and rules will be officially announced wen 40% = SOLD.

50% SOLD = Charity drop

  • Special charity auction drop. The profits of this drop will go to an animal charity. More info later.

60% = Poster launch

  • Poster merchandise launch.
  • First rare cat holders can claim their free high quality IRL poster.

70% SOLD – Fan art contest

  • MAD fan art contest with 3 prices. More info will follow later. 

80% SOLD= Merchandise

  • Giveaway raffle of Mr. Mad Cat clothing merchandise.

90% SOLD – Custom cats

  • Giveaway raffle of 5 Custom Mr. Mad Cats. One rare cat included. 

 100% SOLD = Golden raffle

  • Giveaway raffle of the last 10 Mad Cats. The golden drop.
  • Roadmap 2.0 will be announced. 


Raffle for holders only = wen SOLD OUT

Wen SOLD OUT he last 10 golden Mad Cats will be raffled for FREE. Holders only. So you might want to hold your mad cats for a while!