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Artist utility! Since all mad cats are hand drawn, it takes a bit longer then a generative project. To show my appreciation to the mad cat fam, there are rewards waiting for you.

Claims for holders


Wen? 40% = SOLD

Mad friend

All holders

The cats are feeling a bit lonely. So time to introduce their mad friend! The release date will be officially announced wen 40% = SOLD.

Wen? 60% = SOLD

High quality print

Rare cat holders

Wen 60% = SOLD poster merch will start. Every rare holder can claim a high quality print of their rare cat for free!


Custom sneakers

Mad Rare cat holders

Since I love art & sneakers, why not combine them? Mad rare cat holders are able to claim their unique hand-painted sneakers.

All rewards can be claimed once, so be sure to be early!

More will unlock during time

Claim form

Currently only first holders of a mad rare can claim. Check the #roadmap for more to unlock. Use the form to claim. 

!! Currently only available for mad rare holders (#100, #200, etc.). Other claims will be activated when we hit that milestone in the roadmap.